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John Francis McCarthy has been a professional photographer since the 1970's. His work is inspired by the rich vein of life witnessed on Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill; an enclave first settled by Irish canal builders, and his travels throughout he Finger Lakes region of New York State and Ireland.

His work has been exhibited and collected widely and continues to be a source of inspiration and joy for many patrons. Oxford University Press, Toronto, published McCarthy’s first book, The Finger Lakes, in 1984. His latest, The Finger Lakes—Glimpses of Paradise, is currently available. McCarthy’s mural work is notable for its exceptionably high resolution. His murals greet visitors passing through Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport. McCarthy’s murals can also be viewed throughout the new Regional Cancer Center (ROC) at Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse.

McCarthys philosophy is inspired by Irish playwright Sean O’Casey. In his writing, O’Casey refers to color and form; the essence of photography. In a volume of autobiography, Pictures In The Hallway, O’Casey might have been writing about a photographer: “He was standing too long in the hallway looking at the pictures. All done by others. Very beautiful and strong, but all done by others. He’ll have to start now doing things for himself. Create things out of his own life. He’d begin to make pictures of himself; ay, pictures too, that would be worth hanging in the hallway for other people to see.” With a pen, O’Casey accomplished what John Francis McCarthy strives to do with a camera: record sharp, colorful, evocative images. McCarthy’s common ground with O’Casey is the eye, which O’Casey called “the jewel of the body.”

In 2015, Finger Lakes Photography celebrated the 25th Anniversary of McCarthy’s classic photo entitled, “Five Lakes Sunset” or “Sunset on Five Finger Lakes.” The opportunity lasted only minutes before clouds gathered and the sky went dark—leading McCarthy to believe that this view of five of the region’s eleven Finger Lakes was truly a gift from God!

Five Lakes Sunset can be seen on the left.

Below is a short video titled
'Behind The Photos with John Francis McCarthy'
Edited By Diana Quinlan

About John Francis McCarthy
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John has been catching the essence of the Finger Lakes in his photography which has spanned across five decades. John has caught 'lightning in a jar' time and time again.

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John collects stories as he travels around the Finger Lakes region, through the U.S. and Ireland. John has plans to increase his time spent with photography & blogging. Don't miss out on the light hearted stories  and wonderful photographs to come; sign up for the Newsletter today!

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