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Feedback on 96”x60” Five Lakes printed at Syracuse University’s Lightwork by lab manager Trevor Clement from Designer Kate Wilson:
"Hi John!
I wanted to share this email I just received from my client! Talk to you soon. Hope all is well! Kate Wilson, Designer"

Subject: Breathtaking!
Words are simply inadequate to describe the photograph, framed and hung with the special lighting...I have tried to take a photo to send you, but they do not begin to capture the beauty and feeling of the actual photo. When you descend the stairs it is like you are in the plane overlooking the lakes yourself. Geoff and his team at Providence Picture Frame did a magnificent job--the floating frame in golds with a black background makes it pop out and seem 3-dimensional instead of a 2-dimensional image.
I know that you will be speechless when you see it...I hope that John will also be able to see it at some point in the near future!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

This is great! I'm so happy to have made a difference in this undertaking. Thanks so much for passing it along. :)

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